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The IDIC symbol.


IDIC, the cornerstone of the Vulcan philosophy, is acronym for Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. Spock sometimes wore an IDIC medallion during the TOS-time, and Quark once tried to sell IDIC pins on the promenade. IDIC is about acceptance and celebration of other cultures and differences, about avoiding wars, using non-violence, and about understanding. One should not, however, celebrate nazism, and similar philosophies. Nazism and racism is about destroying other cultures, about non-understanding, and non-acceptance of them. Nazism is not diversity-preserving. Rather the opposite: diversity-destroying. In a nazistic state, a person should do, think and be like all the others -- completely different a state in which a majority believes in the concept of IDIC. There is, however, more in IDIC than acceptance and understanding of other cultures and races; changes, improvements, differences, evolvation are all big parts of IDIC. If everybody on earth was exactly the same, there would be no evolvation. The world would stagnate. Spock has said: "Change is the essential process of all excistence." It is actually differences that changes come from. If all the animals whiches DNA was different -- and therefore was different than the others -- had been killed by the others, there had not been any Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Evoluation comes from differences, and if the differences are erased, evoluation will end. Surak said: "We have differences: May we together become greater that the sum of us." The IDIC symbol has a higher meaning: The triangle and the circle, different shapes, materials, textures... They represent any two diverse things which come togeter to create truth or beauty (infinite diversities in an infinite spectrum combinations). After all, IDIC is about two different things that put together will make a new thing, and that differences is needed for change, and that change is needed for evoluation. Sometimes non-violence may be wrong. If the other countries had not started a war against Hitler, the nazi-state would have been powerful, and in control of a large area, and a big amount of people. If violence is the most logical way, that is also the correct way. One should always consider violence. Spock said that they had to attack the Romulan warbird (in the TOS episode: "Balance of terror") because it was logical to do so. On Surak's time, there was another need for peace -- the Vulcans needed it because they would not have survived othervise. Think of it: if violence is neccesary for saving something unique, something differing from the crowd, violence is the only way to save it. One just have to do the right choice, the logical choice. The choice that is right according to c'thia.




May our differences together become greater than the sum of our parts.


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