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Vulcan quotes




"There are always alternatives." (Spock)


"Treats are illogical and payment is usually...expensive." (Sarek)


"Wide experience increases wisdom, provided the experience is not sought purely for the stimulation of sensation." (Surak)


"I am a Vulcan, bred to peace." (Spock)


"Fear is among the strongest and most violent of the emotions." (Spock)


"There is no offense where none is taken." (Surak)


"Nobility lies in action not in name." (Surak)


"However, I have noted, that the 'healthy' release of emotion is frequently very unhealthy for those closest to you." (Spock)


"Logic is the cement of our civilization with which we ascend from chaos using reason as our guide." (T'plana-Hath, Matron of Vulcan)


"Is death truly a curse? There is little logic in condemning something one has not experienced...or does not remember experiencing." (Spock)


"Logic is the begining of wisdom not the end" (Spock)


"The needs of the many out-weights the needs of the few...or the one" (Spock)


"I would remind you, though, that the word for 'decide' is descended from older words meaning to kill; options and opportunities die when decisions are made. Be careful what you kill." (Spock)


"Irrational fear is a construct of an undisciplined intellect" (Spock)


"Emotions are alien to me -- I am a scientist." (Spock)


"Humans smile with so little provocation." (Spock)


"There is no other wisdom and no other hope for us but that we grow wise." (Surak)


"To be Vulcan, means to adopt a philosophy, a way of life which is logical and beneficial. We can not disregard that philosophy merely for personal gain -- no matter how important that gain may be." (Spock)


"He talks peace if it is the only way to live." (Surak)



Peace and long life.


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