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Vulcan meditation techniques





Kithira is an old Vulcan meditation that is used to restore control, and get order in a mind of chaos. The kithira is done, with eyes closed, by bulding a structure by different shaped blocks. It helps to focus thought and refine mental control. The meaning is to succed in bulding a stable structure by the blocks. The kithira is a reflection of the builder's state of mind, and looks different every time it is build. The approximate translation of "kithira" is "structure of harmony". Different mantras have been used when doing the kithira. One example is: "Structure. Logic. Function. Control. A structure cannot stand without a foundation. Logic is the foundation of function. Function is the essence of control. I am in control. I am in control."

Earth-equivalence: Lego, the blocks that can be put together and create a structure. Someone has said that lego is a great therapy. I have also heard of two normal, adult, grown up, people, that temporary had a big box of lego home, and they built with lego the whole night. Then, when I think about lego, I think more about giving expressions for ones creativity. Yet, the similarities exist. Lego is built together to form a structure. If the foundation of that structure is not logically made, the structure will not be of good quality. The building with lego also let you create whatever is occupying your mind. Lego is still to much about creativity, and too little about foundation, function, and structure.





Tiltra is a Vulcan number meditation. It is about numbers, and is done by keeping a number in the memory for a time. All thoughts must be focused at the number. If one do the tiltra, one repeat a number in the mind over and over again, for as long as the tiltra has been decided to last. A way to do this is to think the number -- say it quiet in the mind -- and at the same time see the number in the head. One can also at the same time try to see the meaning in the number, see its beauty, and simplicity, or its complexity. In the begining, one should start with a short number. Later, one use numbers with more digits. Every time one do the tiltra, one choose a different number, and the numbers should be extended as one do the meditation more times. The numbers can either be choosen by a computer, which will be completely random numbers, or be choosen by oneself. One can choose the number by taking, for example, another number squared, or by choosing a number shown by a natural phenomenon. The meaning with the tiltra is to focus thought and mind, but also to improve the minds ability to keep numbers in the memory. The tiltra can also be used with more than one number. If so, one should try to repeat the numbers in a specific order. The tiltra can be complemented with mental calculation. Then, one can, i.e., add all the digits in the number, or multiply the number with another number, preferably not a number that is too big. If one do this, it will be harder to keep the number in the memory, and at the same time a greater challenge. One can also do the tiltra while performing ones regular done things.





Wh'ltri is an old Vulcan meditation technique. I have not written anything else about wh'ltri yet, but more is to come.




Live long and prosper.


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