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This page is under construction, and will hopefully continue to be that for a long time -- changes, as long as they are of the better sort, are needed for production. Stagnation is a bad thing. So don't be surprised if you find things here change.





The Neutral Zone: Sector 31.

Space -- the final frontier. These are the continuing voyages of our universe. It's eternal mission to create strange new worlds and new civilizations. To make people boldly go where they have not gone before.


 (Read about Vulcans, and their philosophies -- IDIC, and c'thia.)

TNG Screensaver

 (A Star Trek: The Next Generation Screensaver with Quotes. It is in a 252 kB zip-file, which means it is compressed, and you will need winzip or a similar program to decompress it.)


 (You shall all be assimilated. This is a demonstration of the Borgs. When you are one with the Borgs, you will ceace to exist. Then you will no longer have a personality of your own. When you are one of the Borgs. Here, some Borg sounds and Borg links have been assimilated so far.)

Measure of life

(Is Data a life-form? How do one measure life?)

Q: "Jean-Luc, don't think so linear. When you are immortal, time is not of importance. It is only something that changes, like the water in an ocean. "


 (Read my Star Trek poems.)

Q's guide to the universes anomalies

(The different phenomena.)


(The Neutral Zone: Sector 31 is part of the Webrings: "'The Borg Collective' Web-ring", "The Ultimate Star Trek Webring", "The Alpha Quadrant Webring", and "Locutus' Assimilation Ring")

Star Trek Links

(Some well chosen Star Trek links.)

(E-mail adress.)

It has been a long voyage, has it not? It will hopefully continue to be that way. Live long and prosper.



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