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A Captain looks out


It's not empty in space.

Between the stars an uncountable number

of particles fills out the emptyness.

Atoms, molecules, is the water

in this eternal ocean.

I see nebulas.

They colourize the black space,

paints the darkness,

tells me I am welcome.

The Enterprise travels away from Earth at warp six.

I look back.

A star is my home,

a sun is my home.

A planet is my home.

On a ship I belong.




Distant home


Far away, in a place,

the air is warm, my home is near.

Sand on the ground, tri'hla in the sand,

suns in the sky, light from the suns.

The air was warm, my mind was clear.

Now, I am far away.

I see no sand on the ground.

I see no suns when I look up.

Yet, my mynd is still clear,

and I am eating plomeek-soup,

and it has the taste of my land.




The great country


There was a tsar from Moscow.

He was a genius Russian.

He wrote the story Snow white

and the play named Shakespeares Hamlet.

He was a real genius.

Even little ingenius,

because he invented the automobil

and Zefram Cochranes warp drive.

Russia is the land of wonders,

and I wonder if my ceptin,

is from the land of Russia,

because he has done some real wonders.




The stars are our home


The Enterprise is going through space

at warpspeed.

The Star Date is sixtyeight twelve point four.

The Enterprise is heading for Gamma Hydra IV,

at the speed of warp five.

A klingon ship is decloaking.

The arrival is delayed with nearly a lightday.

Kirk looks at the stars.

Scotty is repairing the impulse engines.

The Enterprise is going through space

at the speed of light.

It is cold in space.

Very cold, old friend.

The stars are shining brightly.

Both day and night.







you can't be dead.

You don't die.


How we deal with death,

is at least as important as how we face life.

In that case you are more qualified than any of us,

believe me.

You was right.

None of us have done the Kobayashi Maru test,

except you.

I understand you, now.

I understand life, and death.

Farewell Spock.

You will never be long as you are remembered.




Something's inside me


I hear a voice in my head.

Am I loosing it?

Am I going mad?


we must climb Mount Seleya.

Spock, is it you who put this thing inside me?

The thing is growing, and I am going mad.

Help me, Spock.

What should I do?

Something is living in me,

I can feel it.

It is taking over.

Spock, your greenbloody, pointed-eared...

Sorry, Spock.

This is just not my best day

Where is the logic in letting the risk of going mad outweight a friends life?





Friends lost


Who are you to decide that

no Enterprise shall sail among the stars anymore?

Who are you to kill a friend of mine?

I have already lost a friend.

Both Spock and Enterprise deserves a better...destiny.

A better end to the story of their lives

that once began.

To know that my Enterprise will no longer be:

I will not accept that.

Not now.

Not when Spock...

Of all the souls I have encountered on my yourneys,

his was the most...*human*.

I have to go back to genesis.

I have to take Spock's katra to Mount Seleya on Vulcan.

I have to take the Enterprise -- my Enterprise -- with me.

I have to write a better last chapter to Spock.

Let's go my friends, we have to hurry.




Dear Brother!


Rom, clean up the bar!

Rom, clean up our room!

Rom, serve Morn!

Rom, do this!.

Rom, do that!

Rom, your idiot! You're the worst excuse for a ferengi I have ever known!

Rom, look what you'we done!

Rom, your looser! We are loosing! And it's aaaaaaall thanks to you!

Rom, you're not my brother anymore!

Rom, when will you ever learn?

Quark, just wait till I am the Grand Nagus, then you'll see. Then it will be you serving me! And that bar will no longer be yours.



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